Personalized Childs signature leather bracelets

Shiny or Matte Black Distressed Brown Saddle / Tan Teal Blue Turquoise Ice Blue Sea Green
Kiwi Deep Red Soft Pink Hot Pink Bubble Gum Burnt Orange Flame
Vanilla Slate Grey Metallic Gold Metallic Silver   White  

Women's -8" length, closes to 6.5" - 3/4" width
offered with or without beads.

Women's long or men's - 9" length closes
to 7.5" - 3/4" width , offered with or without beads
Women's long or men's - 9" length closes
to 7.5" - 3/4" width , offered with or without beads

With beads

No Beads

Have your child write their name with a Sharpie style marker on a piece of white paper. The signature size doesn't matter.

  1. Shoot the picture(s) of their signature with your cell phone Make sure that the image is in focus, Don't worry if the image is off center, crooked, too dark or too light, we can fix this.

  2. Email the photo to the email address that will be sent to you in your conformation email. or send images to: If you have more than one signature, let us know the order you would like them to appear in on the bracelet.

    It’s that easy

Remember, you want you child's character to show who they are, authentic signatures are better! Don't worry if they don’t form perfect letters, this shows the beauty of their originality and this precious moment in time.

If at any time you need help, you can always call us at 323-525-1964

Dillon Rogers Signature Bracelets

Each bracelet is personalized with your child's actual signature, message or drawing. Capture a precious moment in time, a milestone in your child's development and create a very special keepsake that will last for years.

"Your kid's signature bracelet says a thousand words"

It's fun and simple to order your bracelet, after the checkout process, you will receive a conformation email that will instruct you on how to have your child write their name on a piece of paper, take a picture with your cell phone or camera and email it to us. We will then perfectly transfer the image to your bracelet. Select up to 5 names on one bracelet (no additional cost) - is you child too young to write their name? no problem, just have them do their best or make a design or picture!

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Priced 65.00 ea. Qty.

Proudly handcrafted in the U.S.A.

This item is personalized to your specifications and
is non-refundable and non-exchangeable.
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